Water Treatment Company Delhi/NCR

Leading Water Treatment Company In Delhi/NCR

We take immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading Water Treatment Company in Delhi/NCR offering projects and services in the fields of WTP manufacturing, WWTP manufacturing, ETP manufacturing and STP manufacturing, Energy Management, Automation Solutions, Asset Management and Waste Management, Pumping System , Water Bodies and Cooling Towers. As you may kindly appreciate, the vast portfolio has emerged through our experience in catering to specific requirements of our clients. We have team of experts having vast knowledge in providing comprehensive and Integrated water solutions. Our focus remains on delivering economical & compact plants with low operation and low maintenance cost to achieve maximum recovery of good quality of treated water from waste water.

At NETSOL WATER SOLUTION the focus is always been and shall always be to be Reliable & Ennovative ( innovative environmental solutions). Starting small NETSOL has made its mark in the Industry by giving more than it promises and delivering each project on time. Our strength is service after sales which made us unique.

In one line we would like to define NETSOL as NEW ERA OF TECHNOLOGY & SYMBOL OF LEADERSHIP.

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We are specialized in:

  • Desalination Plant
  • Water Purification Plant
  • Supply and Installation of High head water pumps
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems for process and drinking
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Sewage treatment Plants and Water Recycling
  • Mineral Water Plant
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Conventional Pressure filters
  • Base exchanges
  • Demineralization Plants
  • Hydro Pneumatic Pressure Boosting Systems
  • Turnkey Swimming Pool System
  • Effluent Minimization
  • Sterilization by Ultraviolet Systems & Ozonation
  • Disinfection by Sodium Hypo Chlorite
  • Disinfection by Ozone
  • Disinfection by Ultra-violet
  • Disinfection by Silver Ionization
  • Disinfection by Bromine based Compounds